What Sophomores won't do to get JP's

The year was winding down in the Spring of 1991. My term as a sophomore cadet was nearing completion, and soon I would wear a white belt with all the privileges that that affords. I would soon be a junior. I couldn't wait. My cadet father was one Robert Nogueras. That means that he was the one who hunted me down at yell practice (or would the next year). So one day, about two weeks prior to the time when my class was slated to be awarded Junior Privileges, henceforth referred to as JP's, I was in Robert's room, and we started an interesting discussion. Robert was bored, and wanted something interesting to happen. This was always dangerous. The rule was that when something was amusing for the upperclassmen, it meant that the underclassmen would end up doing lots of push-ups, be humiliated, or both. Anyway, he challenged me to do something spectacular. So I thought for a minute, and said I would streak the dorm. Streak the dorm. As in, parade through the dorm butt naked? No way. He didn't believe me. He was so sure I would never do it, that he came out and said, "Rich, if you streak the dorm, I'll get you JP's right here, right now, two weeks early." He obviously didn't think I had the gumption. "Okay" I said, "Right here, right now. No time like the present." And I began tossing articles of clothing aside as I strolled to the door. And I kept discarding my clothes until I had none left to toss away. By then I was halfway down the hall. "The whole dorm Rich!" he cried, "You won't do it!" But I did. Now let me interject here by saying that I am not a nudist. Just FYI. And I kept my flip-flops on since it is a senior privilege to walk barefoot. Anyway, I leisurely strolled from one floor to another with an increasing number of fellow cadets bursting into the hallway with mixed reactions ranging from shock (characterized by open mouthed amazement) and amusement (normally accompanied by hysterical laughter - at my physique or my actions). The female cadets tended to be shocked. That didn't keep them from looking. Thank god I didn't get a woody. Not that I would have. I felt triumphant on that shocking walk about the dorm. And relaxed. I got my JP's two weeks early that day, and Robert could never say that I hadn't done what he couldn't believe that I would do. That was definitely a motivating factor. It was because he was so convinced that wouldn't that I did. And I enjoyed my JP's. What's funnier is that I seemed to have started a sort of tradition since two years later, my grandson, Jeff Domenge, streaked the dorm just as I once had to earn his JP's from my son, Ron Bartch. I don't know if anyone still does this or not, but that is the story of how I got my JP's.

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